Back in May, doctors diagnosed seiyuu Yuichiro Umehara with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). This prompted the seiyuu to be hospitalised and also go on hiatus. But now, his talent agency, Arts Vision, has revealed that he’s now out! They also said that he’ll be returning to work slowly, but they’re still keeping his health in consideration.

Unfortunately, the agency also revealed that had a complication of intracranial hypotension during his hospitalisation. Thankfully, the doctors also treated it after a few months of medical treatment and rehabilitation. The doctors then discharged him and told everyone that they should have no worries about the after-effects.

His hiatus forced several anime to replace him mid-season. Of course, this includes his role as Goro in the mega-popular Darling in the Franxx TV anime. Daiki Hamano replaced him for the role starting Episode 23. Several other seiyuu also replaced him from other roles, including Tomokazu Sugita for the role of Hajime Sugimoto in Tada Never Falls in Love.

His most notable roles before his hospitalisation include Black Jack in Young Black Jack, Goujo Karasuma in Girlish Number, and The Ox in Juuni Taisen.

source: Comic Natalie