A brand new CG animation studio Tenh Animation Magic has been jointly established in Tokyo, Japan by animation companies Sola Digital Arts, Galaxy Graphics, and Toei Animation. The company will be headquartered at Integral Tower in Suginami-ku, which is also home to other animation studios such as Ultra Super Pictures, as well as a similar CG consortium studio ENGI, which we have also reported on WOW Japan.


Formally established in October 2017 but officially opened one 1st July 2018, the ownership of Tenh Animation Magic has been divided as 40% to Sola Digital Arts (Appleseed Alpha, Ghost in the Shell, etc.), 40% to Galaxy Graphics (Twin Angel BREAK, etc.), and 20% to Toei Animation (Dragonball, Sailormoon). Tenh Animation Magic is currently on a mass recruitment drive for 3DCG artists, video production technical staff, systems R&D staff, and project managers