The anime adaption for NisiOisin’s Monogatari series continues with the “Final Season”, and its latest anime, Zoku Owarimonogatari. And now, the anime’s official website has revealed a new PV for the anime, as well as a new key visual.

The anime’s staff also announced that the anime will be having event screenings, as well as a theatrical release. These event screenings and theatrical release will happen in autumn 2018, though they didn’t reveal exact dates yet.

As for the source itself, NisiOisin released the light novel back in 2014 to serve as the “ending” for the franchise. However, he also released several other Monogatari volumes after that. This includes four “Off-Season” light novels, as well as the “Monster Season”. But then again, author NisiOisin has gained quite the reputation for word play and trolling.

Now, who is ready for the return of Koyomi Araragi and even more Japanese puns and word play?

source: Comic Natalie