Legendary seiyuu and “eternal seventeen-year-old” Kikuko Inoue has had a very long a fruitful career. She has voiced plenty of popular anime characters, from Oh My Goddess’s Belldandy to Cell’s At Work’s Macrophage. And now, this um… “17-year old” is reaching a career milestone, as she celebrates her 30th anniversary as a seiyuu. And how will she celebrate it? By holding a special event of course!

Fans lovingly call her “Onee-chan,” and with good reason! And now, this special event is inviting them to “experience time distortion” with her. They will be holding this anniversary event on 17th November, but still didn’t reveal where. However, the ever-youthful seiyuu did say that she’ll be announcing more details soon enough.

Aside from Belldandy and Macrophage, “Onee-chan” has had plenty of other huge roles. These include Ranma 1/2’s Kasumi Tendou, as well as Gundam 08th MS Team’s Aina Sahalin. In fact, she’s been known for voicing onee-san and mother-type characters throughout her long career. And she’s done all of that, and celebrating her 30th anniversary as a seiyuu while only being “17-years-old!”

source: 0takomu