Believe it or not, but Beerus, Universe 7’s God of Destruction from the Dragon Ball franchise is actually inspired by Akira Toriyama’s own cat, which is a Cornish Rex. The god is one of the most powerful beings in Dragon Ball, and would usually make beings like Vegeta and Frieza quake. But despite all this, the cat-like god has some very cat-like tendencies. And now, an actual cat has finally managed to pull off the most adorable Beerus cosplay ever!

Twitter userΒ @sun_ikutoΒ recently visited his Chinese friend’s house and found the God of Destruction there. What Beerus is doing in his friend’s house is a mystery, but we suspect that the friend has lots of delicious Earth food. Yeah, Beerus does love them Earth food, huh?

However, when the image was taken, it seems that Beerus wasn’t very happy. Uh-oh, maybe you guys disrupted his nap or took away his food! Please don’t do that, or else he will destroy the planet!

And speaking of cat cosplays, remember Saber Cat? I wonder who will win in a fight between Saber Cat and Lord Beerus.