Director Seiji Kishi has a very impressive resume, though like most directors, fans tend to slam him online. However, they might have second thoughts about those online bashings after the director himself posted a few pictures. These images reveal that he’s been working out… a lot!

Yeah, this is one director fans might not wanna mess with. Kishi stated that he started muscle training for six months now, and proudly showed off its results. He also stated that hisΒ body fat percentage dropped from 27% to 11% just by exercising. So who says anime directors don’t have the time to better themselves?

Now those are what you call gains! The director then recommended that a trainer would be good for those who are too shy to go to the gym. In fact, it seems that he uses a trainer himself. And while that new buff bod might keep a few bashers away for a while, it didn’t stop seiyuu and friend, Megumi Ogata from making fun of him. The seiyuu joked that because he will be directing the upcoming combat anime, Kengan Ashura, it motivated him to work out.

As for his work, fans might now Kishi as the director of Angel Beats and Danganronpa. He also directed Persona 4: The Animation, as well as Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero. Currently, he’s directing one of the summer 2018 season’s most hilarious anime, Asobi Asobase.

images via Seiji Kishi’s twitter page