Looks like Hatsune Miku and friends will be coming over to the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! smartphone game. The collaboration will feature three popular Vocaloid songs within the game itself. The first song is “LOST ONE no Goukoku” by Neru feat. Kagamine Rin. BanG Dream’s Afterglow are the ones who performed the cover for it, and now, the staff have revealed its gameplay video:

Meanwhile, main band Poppin’Party will be performing the Hatsune Miku song, “Romeo to Cinderella”.

Finally, Hello, Happy World! will be covering “Alien, Alien”.

The three in-story bands will be releasing their Vocaloid covers as singles soon. As for the collaboration’s release, the smartphone game will be adding all three songs starting 24th August 2018. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is now available for both Android and iOS mobile devices in Japan. There’s also an English version available for the game as well.

source: Anime! Anime!