BanG Dream will soon be returning for a second season, as well as a third season! But before all that happens, seiyuu Aimi, who voices Poppin’ Party member Kasumi Toyama appeared in a special video. There, she previewed the second season’s new OP, which is titled “Kizuna Music”.

Aimi says that they will be releasing the song as a single soon enough. She also stated that the release will also include two additional tracks as well. However, she didn’t state the titles of these two other tracks.

BanG Dream’s 2nd Season will premiere in January 2018, which means it will be part of the winter 2019 anime season. Meanwhile, for the third season, it will premiere in October 2019, which is part of the autumn 2019 season. Expect Bushiroad to announce more details about these two new anime soon.