The official blog for Chibi Maruko chan mangaka Momoko Sakura has posted some sad news for manga fans everywhere. They revealed that that mangaka recently passed away last 15th August at around 8:29 pm. According to the announcement, she passed away due to breast cancer. She was 53. They also revealed special illustration of Maruko with friends and family in a tribute to the late mangaka.

Sakura’s own family and friends recently held a private service for her, and already held a funeral. Several colleagues and friends also posted tributes, including veteran seiyuu Tarako, who voices Maruko-chan herself. She said that Sakura passed away too soon, and added that she knows that she had too many plans left unfulfilled.

The late introduced Chibi Maruko-chan to the world back in 1986, and it inspired several anime adaptations, as well as other forms of media. It would become one of Japan’s most enduring manga titles, with Fuji TV still airing episodes of the anime. May she rest in peace.

source: Momoko Sakura official LINE blog