Usually, when celebrities of different genders become particularly close, many people would suspect a romantic relationship. However, sometimes, it’s something else. During her radio show,  “Chou! A&G+”, Chika Anzai had fellow seiyuu Junya Enoki as her guest. Now, she and her show’s staff have heavily teased a “big reveal” about the real relationship between the two seiyuu. They also made sure to mention that both seiyuu have worked with each other on various projects already. Of course, a few fans suspected that there might be romance involved.

Much like most “relationship announcements,” fans were bracing for another seiyuu announcing that he/she is “already married” or that they’re”dating” already. This often proves devastating to many fans of course. However, during the show itself, the two seiyuu admitted they’re particularly close. But this isn’t because they’re dating, but because Chika Anzai and Junya Enoki are actually related. In fact, they’re first cousins, as Chika’s mom is the sister of Junya Enoki’s dad.

Well, that certainly made the fans of both seiyuu breathe a huge sigh of relief. Yeah, it’s safe to say that they caused a ton of misunderstanding on how they promoted the episode. In several blogs, many fans even commented that they thought they’re announcing that they got married. Good one you two!

As for their work relationship, the two are currently working on the hit summer 2018 diving anime, Grand Blue, together. Chika Anzai voices the female lead, Chisa Kotegawa, while Junya Enoki voices Shinichirou Yamamoto. The two also worked together on Scum’s Wish, with Chika voicing Hanabi Yasuraoka, while Junya voices Saitou.

source: Nijimen