Mangaka Tadataka Kawasaki has some sad news for anime fans. This is because he recently tweeted that his Chio’s School Road (Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro) manga will be ending soon. In his tweet, the comedy mangaka also revealed that the the final chapter will be included in Monthly Comic Flapper magazine’s October issue. It will ship out on 5th September 2018. He also posted this manga image of Chio with the words “Forever, Bloody Butterfly”.

Of course, Bloody Butterfly is Chio’s in-game name, which sparked plenty of hilarious scenes, as well as memes. The anime is currently airing, and is genuinely one of the most hilarious of the summer 2018 season. The series follows a “normal” high school girl Chio as she tries to make it to her school. However, every time she tries to go to school, weird things occur, from run-ins with delinquents to something Assassin’s Creed-inspired.

Meanwhile, the manga’s 9th and final volume will also be shipping out in the month. To be precise, its release will be on 21st September. As for the ongoing TV anime, it will also be ending next month as well.