When it comes to revealing what goes on during the anime-making process, Shirobako is one of the most well-known. The anime about making anime has certainly opened the eyes of the public on how hard it is to make just one frame. And now, Japanese anime streaming service, dAnime Store, is once again talking about the process, alongside Shirobako characters. They’re doing this by releasing several videos featuring the staffers from the anime’s Musashino Animation team:

In the 30-second shorts, they feature Ema as the one in-charge of handling an anime’s key frames. However, it seems that she’s not very confident at all in her job. And as the videos go along, they feature Misa doing work on CG, with Ai appearing with a question. In the end, the video assures fans that even if they aren’t a Docomo user, they can still use DAnime Store.

These would actually be the fourth batch of commercials the dAnime Store released with Shirobako. These other videos are from previous batches, all of which talk about the anime-making processes while also promoting dAnime Store: