It’s no secret that seiyuu Emi Nitta is a huge dinosaur fan girl. In fact, she’s very much interested in dinosaur-related subjects like paleontology. And now, she’s getting her own educational late-night cable TV program based on dinosaurs!

The new show’s title is Nitta Emi no Kyouryuu DEEP (“Emi Nitta’s Dinosaur DEEP”), and it will air stating 10th October via SKY PerfecTV!’s MONDO TV. Of course, she’ll be talking about dinosaurs, more dinosaurs, and even more dinosaurs. Kinda makes you wonder how much she fangirled when watching Jurassic World, huh?

Known as Emitsun to her fans, Nitta’s most notable role would be as Love Live’s Honoka Kousaka. She also voiced Tokoha Anjou in Cardfight!! Vanguard G, as well as Malga Naruze in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. Yes folks, Honoka is one big dinosaur fangirl!

source: Ota-suke