Did you have a good lunch? Is it time for a nap? Hold that thought as you’re setting yourself up for failure! Why not work off those calories instead, with the new “Fits Kare” fitness application?

© Fits Kare Production Committee

“Fits Kare” is a voiced fitness support app designed by Stoic Gym to interact with your Google Home device, as well as other mobile devices that have the Google Assistant app. “Fits Kare” will help plan your meals, monitor your exercise routine, and — its key selling point: the opportunity to interact with your “fitness boyfriend” the more you use the app.

© Fits Kare Production Committee

The “otome game” aspect of “Fits Kare” is certainly appealing, especially to female anime and manga fans. Your “Fits Kare”, named “Kei Naruse”, will be voiced by Takuya Eguch — who is best known for his roles in “Sanrio Danshi”, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, and “Grimms Notes The Animation”.

“Fits Kare” will be launched on 30th August 2018. Check out their official website for more details.

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