Pony Canyon’s Ultra-J ~ULTRA ALLIANCE JAPAN~ initiative is going old school for their latest collaboration. This time, they’re teaming up with Six Star Sake to create three unique sake blends. And what makes these blends special is that one old school anime character serves as inspiration for each of them.

The sake line will feature the three classic anime, Cutie Honey, Gatchaman, and Yatterman. Each variant will have its own unique blend and taste, as well as its own heroine… or villain.

Cutie Honey (Sweet Ginko Sake with Fruity flavours)

Jun the Swan (unfiltered ginjo sake with deep umami notes)

Dororo (Japanese wine with crisp flavour and deep finish)

6 Star Sake will be releasing each of these three alcoholic beverage bottles later this month. They will sell them in select liquor stores across Japan.