WOW Japan has recently dropped by the Japan Creative Centre of the Embassy of Japan in Singapore for the opening party of the Manga Design exhibition. The party offered up a glimpse of the innovative and informative exhibit, which showed the audience how manga was utilized not just as a form of entertainment, but also as advertising and information dissemination.

Some of the works on display include upcoming campaigns by the JNTO — promoting “Hands-Free Travel” or the use of local logistics services to transport personal luggage while travelling in Japan, as well as “Manga Me” — which is an art-by-demand service that provides Japanese manga-style art services for both personal and corporate clients. Previous campaigns by Kanebo and Kawasaki FC were also featured.

Admission to the exhibition is free, and will run all the way til 11th August 2018.

About Manga Design and the exhibition

Manga Design is a way to maximise communication by applying graphic design practices to Japan’s signature Manga art-style. It has the ability to transmit overwhelming information quickly through the creation of characters, develop stories freely and dramatically, and promote difficult ideas through such simple stories that can be understood easily.

© Manga Designers Lab.

Originated from Japan, Manga Design is now coming into the spotlight as a new means of presentation that transcends language due to its extensive use in tourism-related materials for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a quintessential representation of Japan at first glance to people from the world over. This exhibition is part of a world tour by Manga Designers Lab. that runs from Osaka, Shanghai, and now in Singapore at JCC and C3 AFA 2018 later this year.

• Event Information
Manga Design Exhibition in Singapore JCC

21st July to 11 August 2018
Singapore Japan Creative Center
4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372
Admission is free!