The 38th issue of Shonen Jump magazine has some very sad news for Gintama fans around the world. According to an announcement inside its pages, Gintama will be ending soon. In fact, it only has five chapters remaining, and if there aren’t any delays, its final chapter will be released on 24th September.

Sorachi himself has announced the manga will be ending soon since 2016. This started with his announcement of the Silver Soul Arc, which is the manga’s final arc. It also started that same year.

The anime itself is already adapting the Silver Soul Arc, which is already one of the manga’s longest arcs. Aside from the various TV anime adaptations, Gintama also inspired an anime film. And of course, there’s also the two live-action Gintama films, as well as two live-action web series. And of course, they also broke the 4th wall… A LOT!

Source: Shonen Jump magazine issue #38