The Shinjuku crew of the popular multimedia rap franchise “Hypnosis Mic” took Twitter by storm when all three voice actors — Show Hayami, Ryuuichi Kijima, and Kento Itou took the streets of their territory, to shoot snaps for their official accounts in-character as “Matenrou”! Check them out below!

“Hypnosis Mic” is an up and coming media franchise also known as “HypMic” amongst fans. The story is set in a dystopian utopian future where women lead the government and men are merely grunts who follow orders. As guns and other weapons are no longer available, territorial fights must take the form of rap battles.

The highly popular series will be having their second concert this weekend on the 26th of August 2018 in Shinagawa, quickly followed by their third live on 17th November 2018in Odaiba.