Shinta VR — a VR / AR content production company in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the first Indonesian company to start the “Virtual YouTuber business” using its own system. A phenomenal started in Japan, “Virtual YouTubers” are digital avatars created using 3D animation software and motion capture technology with contents distributed via Youtube. Shinta VR is releasing “Maya Putri” as a company character, and also as Indonesia’s first Virtual YouTuber.

Maya Putri will make a guest appearances at Anime Festival Asia (C3 AFA), the largest event in Asia, held in Indonesia from 31 August to 2 September, 2018. During this event, Maya Putri will deliver live cover-songs and Q & A sessions with visitors.

In the future, Shinta VR plans not only to expand its own character portfolio but also collaborate with companies that want to create original characters. Shinta VR will provide its systems, expertise on building and distributing Virtual YouTubers along with video production and operations to external partners.

About Maya Putri

Maya Putri is a Virtual YouTuber aiming to become Indonesia’s national songstress. She will post videos on YouTube frequently with an anchor on famous Indonesian and Japanese songs.


Maya’s iconic costume is based on traditional Indonesian fabric (batik), which is intended represent the rich Indonesian culture to all viewers worldwide. Her videos will be mainly delivered in Indonesian, but she will experiment with Japanese animation theme songs and various sounds ranging from traditional Indonesian instruments to local DJs, to target local Japanese pop culture lovers as well as global audience.

Maya also plans to release some original songs, LINE stamps and merchandise in the future. You can also check out Maya at her official social media accounts below!

Twitter: @mayaputriid
Instagram: @mayaputriid