Wake Up, Girls! director Yutaka Yamamoto AKA Yamakan is very infamous indeed. He’s quite a fire brand on social media, usually blurting out his opinions coupled with a few ridiculous claims. And because of how he usually handles himself on social media, twitter has not only suspended his account, but also his studio’s.

In his blog, Yamakan said that he’s not surprised because twitter has been “absurd” lately. He also added that he’s gonna inquire why they suspended his accounts, though the social media platform already told him why. It seems that he broke their rules against abusive, threatening, and discriminatory behavior.

The tweet which landed him and his Twilight Studio in suspension is the one which criticised Kouji Saitou, the producer behind Animelo Summer Live. In the tweet, he called Saitou a “true idiot” and then added that he’s a “negative influence” to the music festival. The tweet also linked to a dispute between the director and the event.

The ever-controversial director then ended his blog post by saying that he might start using a pseudonym for social media. He also added that his “courteousness has run out”.

Yamakan previously went on various tirades online. In fact, when twitter suspended his account, many thought uit was because of a recent feud with a fan. His tirades include include feuding with the Wake Up, Girls! seiyuu, feuding with various fans, and of course, blaming otaku for various ills in the anime industry. He even went as far as talking bad things about China after the [New Life+] Young Again in Another World anime was cancelled because of its author’s racist views against Chinese. And of course, who could forget his proclamation that he’s gonna save anime, right?