Denizens of the internet might be familiar with Swiss otaku, Melonpan, who gained notariety thanks to his various tweets and videos. And part of his fame… or infamy to be exact, is his penchant for liking the more perverted aspects of anime fandom. Recently, he visited Japan for Comiket 94, and it’s safe to say that he bought some doujinshi… a lot of them. And as expected, these doujins aren’t exactly the ones you’d show to kids. But when he arrived home to Switzerland, he got in trouble.

In a tweet, Melonpan explained that customs confiscated his Comiket haul of doujins. He brought around 30Kg of these adult-themed doujinshi home to Switzerland, which consists of around 66 individual doujinshi. Majority of his haul is loli-related, and may have been the reason why customs confiscated it.

He apparently decided to mail his haul from Japan to Switzerland because he didn’t want to pay for excess baggage. However, when his parcel arrived home, customs seized it. Of course, he then went on a tweetstorm lamenting about his situation. He also talked about his uphill battle against Swiss customs officials as he tries to convince them about the wonders of the loli genre. The infamous Swiss otaku even tweeted that the incident might make him wanna move out of Switzerland and into Japan.

Fortunately, in a follow-up tweet, Melonpan revealed that all was good, and he got his Comiket haul back. He proudly showed it off of course, but that’s a really not safe for work, so here’s a more family-friendly version:

Of course, moving to Japan ain’t easy at all, and people would still generally look down on his preferences over there as well. However, that just means that he won’t have to deal with customs officials confiscating his hauls.

This ain’t the first time he got in trouble because of his preferences either. He famously lost his job at the Swiss bank, UBS, after his employers found out about his… tastes. He then got another job at DHL, but the same thing happened after his new employers found out.

source: Melonpan twitter