Previously, the seiyuu of the Kemono Friends TV anime starred in its 2.5D play adaptation. And now, the franchise is getting another one, and this time, a couple of Nogizaka46 idols are joining in. They’re Ayane Suzuki, who’ll be playing Silver Fox, and Kotoko Sasaki, who’ll be playing Ezo Red Fox.

The anime’s seiyuu, who also appeared in previous stage adaptations, will be reprising their anime roles, and they are:

Yuka Ozaki, whose breakout role as Serval in Kemono Friends made her a star.

Serval actually forms a trio with Raccoon and Fennec called Doubutsu Biscuit. And speaking of Raccoon and Fennec, their respective seiyuu, Saki Ono and Kana Motoyama, also star in the play. Like Ozaki, they’re also reprising their roles for the play.

But Douboutsu Biscuit ain’t the only group to make it from the anime and into the stage play. PPP, or Penguins Performance Project, will also be starring in the play. Like the previous three, the actresses playing them also voiced their respective characters in the TV anime. PPP comprises of Mikoi Sasaki as Royal Penguin, Ruka Nemoto as Emperor Penguin, Kyōka Tamura as Gentoo Penguin, Aina Aiba as Rockhopper Penguin, and Ikuko Chikuta as Humboldt Penguin (AKA Grape-kun’s waifu, may he rest in peace).

The new play will also star:

  • Hotaru Nomoto as Okapi
  • Moeno Nitoh as Mammoth
  • Rihona Katou as Tanuki
  • Azusa Inamura as Black Panther
  • Mao Noguchi as White Tiger
  • Haruka Satou as Oinari-sama
  • Kate Mori as Bald Eagle
  • Mika Taguchi as Polar Bear
  • Hazuki Nonaka as Reindeer

Here’s a key visual from a previous play which also starred the seiyuu:

The play will actually have three versions, one without the seiyuum, one with the Doubutsu Biscuits, and the other with PPP and Margay. Its story is set in Japari Park’s Snowy Mountains Area, where the two foxes first made their appearance in the anime.

The play’s official title is “Kemono Friends 2 ~Yuki Furu Yoru no Kemono-tachi~” (Kemono Friends 2: Beasts on the Night When Snow Falls). It will run at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX in Tokyo from 8-18th November 2018.

source: Stage Natalie