Japan is a country of many wonders. And one of them is without doubt the numerous convenience stores (‘combini’ in short) peppered throughout the island-nation. Lawson is one of the major combini retailer chains – with nearly 15,000 outlets (data accurate as of July 2018) dotted around the small country in perpetual operations – Lawson’s combini(s) are pretty hard to miss.

© Lawson

And when Lawson is mentioned, who can forget its signature comfort finger food – the infamous Lawson’s karaage (i.e. fried) chicken chunks? Indeed, this affordable and tasty snack is so well-known that it even gets its own representative yuru-kyara mascot – “Karaage-kun”!

© Lawson

Earlier this week, it was announced via the official “Karaage-kun Fanclub” website that Karaage-kun joins the recent media trend of corporate YouTube idols, and clinches his very own regular appearance spot on Lawson’s official YouTube channel broadcasts.

For the commemorative inaugural two broadcast sessions of “Karaage-kun’s Corner”, we sit back and enjoy some adorable interactions between Karaage-kun and his special guest – popular voice actor Hiro Shimono, famed for loving karaage so much that he was once quoted to be able to eat the snack as a proper meal (without other dishes even)!

Karaage-kun’s Corner Session 1 – interview with Hiro Shimono (part 1)

Karaage-kun’s Corner Session 2 – interview with Hiro Shimono (part 2)

The site also announced the result of latest poll (carried out via the combini chain’s social media sites on 24 ~ 30 July 2018) on Lawson’s customers’ favourite flavour of seasonal-limited karaage flavour. The winning flavour goes to the ‘Hakata mentaiko (a type of spicy fish-roe) mayonnaise’ flavour; followed at 2nd place by a difference of 3,000 votes – the ‘Aomori garlic-mayonnaise’ flavour. The winning flavour of karaage fried chickens will go on sales starting in October 2018.

© Lawson

Finally, a new product was also promoted on the site – the collaboration ‘Roasted Soy-sauce Hiyoko-chan chicken ramen’ seasoning flavour of karaage fried chicken snack will go on sales from 21 August 2018.

© Lawson

We shall certainly be looking forward to seeing more delightful “Karaage-kun’s Corner” broadcasts on Lawson’s official YouTube channel in future!

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