Via TBS: if you’ve ever traveled to Japan, you would have noticed the many unique and colorful manhole covers that dot the sidewalks. They range in designs from intrinsically Japanese images like sakura blossoms and silhouettes of Mount Fuji, all the way to more contemporary designs featuring anime characters and town mascots.


The secret to making these memorable manhole covers has finally revealed! Apparently, they are made by metal casting companies in kilns that fire up to 1500°C, from molds of up to 8000 designs. They are finished by hand by filling in the design with color, and usually take up to a week to finish.

With such dedication to the craft, it’s a shame that some people don’t seem to appreciate all the hard work that went into producing these memorable manhole covers — like those hooligans who vandalized the Love Live! Sunshine!! manhole covers in Numazu.