One of Japan’s most in-demand anime directors may be releasing his next work in 2019. This is because your name. and Garden of Words director, Makoto Shinkai, just tweeted about his next work. The acclaimed director received a tweet complimenting his career, and he answered in kind. However, what fans didn’t expect that he would reveal details on his next project. It turns out that we might get it earlier than expected, which is next year. Oh, and he tweeted it in English too!

“Thank you for the warm words. We are producing a new feature film for next year. I hope you guys look forward to it!”

Shinkai previously announced back in January 2017 that he’s working on a new anime. However, he did admit to having problems in working out its story. But it looks like he’s now over that slight bump in the road with that new tweet reveal.

Unfortunately, the director still didn’t announce much in terms of that new feature film’s story. But do stay tuned here at Wow Japan for more announcements regarding his latest project.