When we talk about Japan’s recent and ongoing heatwave, things are getting a bit too hot. And during the recent Comiket 94, it seems that the heat really got to some people. According to All-Nippon News, staffers and medics tended approximately 180 people in the first three hours alone. All of which are heat-related.

On Day One of the event alone, temperatures reached 34.5 degrees Celsius. Of course, this was bad for many attendees, who had to stand hours in line, waiting to enter the Tokyo Big Sight, and then wait in line some more to buy their favorite doujinshi. Several attendees also reported that they saw wheelchairs moving through the sea of humanity throughout the event.

So yeah, when attending events in that kind of heat, always make sure to have some protection. Bring an umbrella or a cap, and always stay hydrated. Luckily, some rain recently broke the heatwave, though it has already wrought much damage.

source: Hachima Kikou