After the success of “Kemono Friends” groups “PPP” and “Doubutsu Biscuits“, a new “Kemono Friends” has been created, and will be releasing their first single on 4th October 2018! Dubbed “Tik☆Tam“, the new unit will be composed of Ikuko Chikuta and Kyouka Tamura, who voice “Humboldt Penguin” and “Gentoo Penguin” respectively.

© 2018 JVC KENWOOD / Victor Entertainment Corp.
© 2018 JVC KENWOOD / Victor Entertainment Corp.

The upcoming “Tik☆Tam” single will be titled “Doubutsu! Yoi-don!”, composed by 40mP, and lyrics by 40mP and Tik☆Tam. The single will be released with a DVD containing footage from the recently concluded niconico broadcast “Animal Book” (Doubutsu Zukan).

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• Release Information
Doubutsu! Yoi-don

4 October 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 2,160