Seiyuu Chikao Ohtsuka passed away back in 2015, leaving a huge hole in the seiyuu industry. His passing also meant that One Piece’s Gold Roger doesn’t have a seiyuu anymore. However, a few years after his passing, One Piece’s official website has finally announced they’re recasting the role.

Masane Tsukayama will be replacing the late seiyuu as Gold Roger. The official website also confirmed that Tsukayama will be making his debut for the role on 12th August for the anime’s 849th episode. Yes folks, they’re almost at 1,000 already, and we won’t be surprised when they do make that quadruple-digit number.

Fans might know Tsukayama for his various other anime roles. This includes Igor in the Persona 5 anime, as well as Leo in Jungle Emperor: Leo. The veteran seiyuu also voices Zouken Matou in the Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel trilogy of films by ufotable.