The One Punch Man TV anime website has finally updated, heralding the return of the one and only Saitama! And this time, they not only revealed a brand new teaser PV, but also revealed a new key visual as well. Character designer, Chikashi Kubota, is the one responsible for illustrating this new visual:

Meanwhile, Bandai Namco Arts Channel also released an English version of the new teaser PV:

Both the new PV, as well as the visual, feature Saitama and Genos, as well as new character, Garou. Makoto Furukawa will be reprising his role as Saitama, while Kaito Ishikawa is also returning as Genos. Meanwhile, Hikaru Midorikawa will be voicing the new character, Garou.

As for the new anime’s soundtrack, the official website also confirmed that JAM Project will also be returning. They will once again be performing the anime’s OP song, much like they did for the first season.

Chikara Sakurai will be acting as the new director for this second season, replacing Shingo Natsume. Meanwhile, JC Staff will be One Punch Man’s new studio, replacing Madhouse. The second season will be making its debut sometime in April 2019.