Via Comic Natalie: Voice actors Rie Tanaka and Kouichi Yamadera have released a joint statement about their divorce on their personal Twitter accounts. This is Tanaka’s first divorce and Yamadera’s second, as he was previously married to another voice actor Mika Kanai in 1994 and split in 2006.

Although no official reason has been given, the former couple appear to have split on amicable terms, as their official announcement included words of gratitude for the time they spent together as husband and wife. They also asked their fans to continue to support the both of them in their respective careers.

Rie Tanaka and Kouichi Yamadera were married in 2012, and were together for six years. Kouichi Yamadera is best known for his roles in Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Super. Rie Tanaka is best known for her roles in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Chobits, and Rozen Maiden.