Looks like we’re getting more Danboard goodness, as the Capcom Cafe is teaming up with Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba&! manga. Specifically, their cafe over at AEON Lake Town kaze in Saitama Prefecture will be hosting the collaboration. And as expected, they will be offering several Yotsuba and Danboard-inspired menu items for diners.

The special collaboration menu items will include the following items:

Yotsuba Hotcakes:

Special Green Curry:

Danbo Inari:

Capcom Cafe Sandwiches (Danbo and Nyanbo version):

Danbo Parfaits:

Yotsuba’s Cake:

Those who purchase from the special menu will also get one of these special Danboard coasters. Each coaster is inspired by one of Capcom Cafe’s coffee menu items:

And like most cafe collaborations, the Capcom Cafe will also be offering limited-edition collaboration merchandise as well. These include coffee drips, pens, bags, coasters, water bottles, and even an Danboard drawer!

The Capcom Cafe in Saitama is now running the special menu, but only for a limited time. They will be running it until 19th September, so better drop by if you’re in town by that time.

source: Capcom Cafe official