The flag off took place at midnight and 1800 runners began their run. Among them is Shou Inaba from the Kotobukiya Track and Field team, running his first overseas marathon event. At around 6 am, the Bangkok Midnight Marathon ended with Shoui coming in first and successfully completing the 42.195KM, a full marathon.

The marathon event had over 10000 participants having taking part in the full(42.195km), half(25km) and mini(10km) route and is considered one of the most iconic marathons in the region despite it being only the 2nd year of it’s hosting.

Shoui Inada-san managed a time of 2 hours 31 minutes 08 seconds*. He came in as the first to complete the full marathon, ranking no.1 for this marathon, at almost 3 hours 30 minutes before the event’s cut off time.

And before heading off to celebrate his completion, he mentions to us the following,

*Correction: We previously published the time as 2 hours 11minutes and 08 seconds, that is incorrect. We have since corrected the time and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.*

To everyone who has supported me in the field, and gave me a message of support,

Thank you very much!

Although it was a tough race, I really enjoyed the run in my first overseas race.
I hope to take advantage of this experience and connect with the next marathon.

Once again thank you for your warm support.

From the WOWJAPAN team, congratulations and Otsukare-sama!