Making a huge video game title like the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake takes a ton of manpower. This is why Square Enix recently posted a new job listing which states that they’re looking for 3DCG designers to work as a VFX designer for the upcoming remake. However, they didn’t describe Final Fantasy VII Remake as a Role-Playing-Game (RPG) like the original, but as an action game.

The listing stated that the chosen applicant will be able to work on Final Fantasy VII, which they’re remaking as an “Action Game”/But while they listed it as an “Action Game,” keep in mind that this is a Japanese listing. They don’t exactly have the same definition of “Action Games’ as the rest of the world. This is because that term is quite broad in Japan, and this also includes the “Action RPG” genre. This means that there’s still a chance that this would end up being an action-RPG. But fans should also note that many observers have stated that this is the first time Square Enix has ever described a Final Fantasy title as an “action game”.

As for their job listing, Square Enix stated that the position requires the applicants to be able to work on general effect data using Unreal Engine 4’s cascade particle editor. Requirements include VFX experience, MAYA and Photoshop experience, and experience creating 3D game effects. And while they’re not required, they will also welcome those with experience on creating effects with Unreal Engine 4, experience on creating effects for CG movies, and After effects experience.

Right now, the company is still developing the game for the PlayStation 4. It will retell the story of Cloud in the original Final Fantasy VII, which Square first released for the original PlayStation.