Fans of the beloved Studio Ghibli classic “Spirited Away” will be thrilled to know that the well-loved characters and memorable scenes from the movie will be represented as a set of beautifully-crafted hanafuda cards. Under the hands and expert techniques of craftsmen from the Kyoto-based Ohishi Tengu-Dou Inc. – a 218-year-old traditional games maker/manufacturer – the set of 48-pieces playing cards set will be a sight to behold.

© Studio Ghibli

Even if one does not really play hanafuda card-games, the “Spirited Away Hanafuda” set is one that any avid collector and Ghibli fan should not miss out! The card set retails at JPY 3,240 and may be purchased through Ohishi Tengu-Dou’s online shop.

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© Studio Ghibli

The hanafuda (lit. ‘flower cards’) is a traditional Japanese card-set that originated back in the 16th Century when foreign traders and religious missionaries arrived in Japan. As defined by its name the set of 48 cards contain beautifully-illustrated pictures that depicts the seasonal floras and faunas found throughout the 12 calendar-months in Japan; and is used to play a variety of card games. Fans may remember fondly the game “Koi-koi” played in Mamoru Hosoda’s movie “Summer Wars” – the cards used in the game are hanafuda cards.

For interested fans, the simplified but comprehensive information on the hanafuda cards may be found here.