Seiyuu-artiste Wataru Hatano’s management agency has announced several news that fans will no doubt rejoice in. Firstly, his 2nd artiste album will get its official release in December 2018 – this upcoming release is a four-year interval since the sales of his 1st artiste album in October 2014.

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The new album will include discography from the various singles he has released in these last couple of years like opening theme song for the “Dance with Devils” anime series – ‘Kakusei no Air’, theme song for the PSVita platform of “Dance with Devils” game – ‘Unmei no Code’; as well as his 8th and latest single ‘King and Queen’– once again theme song for the animated movie “Dance with Devils –Fortuna-”.

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The estimated on-sales date for the new album is 12 December 2018; retailing price will be JPY 3,500 and the limited edition first-press batch will contain an exclusive voucher that is required for advanced ticketing purchase for the seiyuu-artiste’s live concert tour in 2019.

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The second piece of joyful news is that the official footages of the seiyuu-artiste’s recent concert that took place in March 2018 – the “Wataru Hatano Live Tour 2018: LIVE KING & QUEEN” – has been announced to be released in both Bluray-disc (BD) and DVD formats. The on-sale date for the live BD and DVD is slated to be 26 October 2018. The Live BD will retail at JPY 8,500; the Live DVD at JPY 7,500 and both formats will similarly contain the exclusive advanced ticketing voucher for the 2019 concert tour.

And finally, fans should have already guessed the last piece of happy news – that’s right! Wataru Hatano will be going on tour in 2019 to perform in a series of live-concerts. As mentioned earlier, the required voucher to advanced ticketing purchase for the live tour will be exclusively bundled with the 2nd album, as well as the “Wataru Hatano Live Tour 2018: LIVE KING & QUEEN” BD and DVD – so fans are encouraged to get their copies when these release for sales in a few months’ time.

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More details and information of the 2019 tour will be announced at later dates via official channels like Wataru Hatano’s website and Twitter account.