C3 AFA Jakarta is here to blow the minds of Indonesian fans of anime, cosplay, gaming, and anisong. Happening from the 31st of August to 2nd September 2018 at an all-new location: the Indonesia Convention and Exhibition (ICE), get ready for a huge line-up of I Love Anisong artistes, including EGOIST, BAND-MAID, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, Megumi Nakajima, TRUE, and Ami Wajima!

After a brief hiatus to recover her health, rocking young star Ami Wajima is back in a major way! Speaking prior to her revenge appearance at C3 AFA Jakarta 2018, she shares some candid words with WOW Japan about her upcoming projects, and what she looks forward to in Indonesia.

Is this your first time in Indonesia? What are you looking forward to in Indonesia? Is there any Indonesian food you would like to try?

It is my first time! I like spicy foods quite a lot so I am looking forward to eating Indonesian cuisine! I especially would like to eat nasi goreng.

Congratulations on your upcoming collaboration with “Akanesasu Shoujo”! Please share some thoughts about your new anime ending theme song. What was the most challenging thing about covering “Kowarekake no Radio”? How did you overcome it?

Thank you very much! It’s a famous song that everyone knows, and is a piece of Japanese music history. When I was asked to cover it, I gave it a lot of thought. I really liked the lyrics, when I heard it on the radio as I was growing up. I have a lot of fond memories of this song, so it was my absolute pleasure to sing it. As for singing a cover, I wanted to make it my own version of “Kowarekake no Radio”, so I was a bit worried. None of my own songs are ballads, so I found it a bit difficult, but I definitely want to challenge myself by singing more ballads in the future!

Do you do anything special to prepare before going onstage?

I shout and jump around, and move my lower body, and try to sing!

Have you ever made a mistake during a performance? How do you deal with it?

When I first sang “Eien Loop” at the Yokohama Arena — which is a huge venue, I wanted to hear the audience reaction so I took off my in-ear monitor, and then forgot to put it back in as the song started to play! I didn’t hear the click track, and completely missed the first verse! I was only able to start singing from the middle verse. It was a huge lesson for me because I was not used to wearing an in-ear monitor.

Are there any specific genre of music that you want to try out?

I often listen to melocore as influenced by my father, so I’d like to incorporate that element more and more into my songs!

If there was one artiste you could do a collaboration with who would it be?

I would like to work with Akina Nakamori, who inspired me when I was in elementary school and really got me into music.
If you were not a musician, what kind of job would you have wanted?

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a singer, so I really can’t imagine being anything else.

Lastly, please leave a message for your fans in Indonesia.

I am very happy to be in Indonesia for the first time this time! I would like to introduce myself to various audience, and I will do my best to have opportunities to come to Indonesia again, so please continue to support me!

Come see Ami Wajima and the rest of the amazing, expansive line-up at C3 AFA Jakarta 2018! Tickets are available online and at the venue via Loket!

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