The biggest Japanese pop culture even in Indonesia is finally here! C3 AFA Jakarta is taking over the Indonesia Convention and Exhibition (ICE) from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September 2018! Brace yourselves for seven incomparable I Love Anisong artistes, including EGOIST, Ami Wajima, BAND-MAID, Mashiro Ayano, Megumi Nakajima, TRUE, and Konomi Suzuki!

Konomi Suzuki has just come off from her succesful performances in Bangkok and Penang for I Love Anisong, and has set her sights on Jakarta! She sits down for another candid conversation with us from WOW Japan, as she talks about her work as as newly-minted voice actress as well as her upcoming performance this weekend.

What are you looking forward to in Indonesia? Is there any Indonesian food you would like to try?

I want to eat nasi goreng! When I was in Jakarta the last time, I ate it and it was very delicious — and I loved it almost immediately! I hope to eat before the live and get lots of energy!

Congratulations on your first voice acting role in the anime “LOST SONG”! Please share some thoughts about “LOST SONG”. What was the most challenging thing about playing Rin? How did you overcome it?

I play “Rin” and Yukari Tamura plays “Finis”, and we both have the power of song; because of that, we were caught up in a fight to posses our powers. With the story revolving around songs, it’s a magnificent work of fantasy opera. The hard part about playing Rin was reacting to my partner’s lines. I took lessons for about a year, and tried to compose improvised replies like an etude, as well as watched different anime as a form of research.

Do you do anything special to prepare before doing recording?

Actually, it’s something I do in secret: before the dubbing session, I try to speak as close to my character Rin as possible. I prepare myself to become the voice of Rin. Afterwards, as I see the emotions running through the script, I try to portray the same facial expressions as conveyed in the lines.

If you could choose your next voice acting role, what kind of character would you like to play?

I have always loved shounen manga (boys comic), so if I get the chance I would like to play the role of a boy.

Is there any musical instrument that you want to learn?

I am still doing live performances, so I would really like to do my best to play the guitar. I like to stand in front of the mirror and play like I do onstage, and think “I can do this!” as I practice.

Lastly, please leave a message for your fans in Indonesia.

Thank you for always for your support! I will do my best to keep bringing the best songs to everyone, so please continue to support me in the future.

Come cheer on Konomi Suzuki and check out the other amazing contents at C3 AFA Jakarta 2018! Tickets are available online and at the venue via Loket!

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