Shizuoka Prefectural police has arrested a 30-year old man named Yo Kyou, who works at TBS as an anime producer. He allegedly kidnapped a teenage girl from her home in Shizuoka to his home in Shibuya. Yo Kyou is currently working as the publicity producer for ongoing Seven Senses of the Re’Union TV anime.

The victim’s family filed a missing persons report for the teen back in mid-August. However, police found the suspect and the girl together much further north… in Sapporo. Thankfully, the police then brought the girl back to her family unharmed.

Yo Kyou has been very active in the anime’s promotions, even appearing on several live streams to talk about it. The Seven Senses of the Re’Union anime itself also listed him as one of its producers for TBS. No word how his arrest will affect the anime as of writing.

Sources: TBSAsahi