Day Three of C3 AFA Jakarta 2018 dawned bittersweet as it was the final day of the event; as many loyal fans know, an announcement was made earlier in the week saying that this could be the last event in Jakarta. A lot of fans did their best to come to the for one last chance to make memories, such as take amazing photos at the Pop Team Epic and CIMB booths.

Canon Akiba Stage once again played host to a new virtual YouTuber debuting at the event: Siro! Siro is an up-and-coming Vtuber who has been gaining popularity for a series of covers of famous Vocaloid tracks, as well as her interesting and intriguing comment videos done in both Japanese and English. Siro’s appearance was followed by cosplayers such as Thames Malerose, Luffy, and Ola Aphrodite.

It was also one last chance for fans to get their hands on some original goods made by fans, get their game on at the many competitions at AFA Play Powered by Gamestart, and indulge in many of the delicious Japanese street bites. There’s even an Anime Bar — supported by the fine folks at Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl, which brought a small slice of Japan’s collaboration cafe culture to Indonesia.

Yes, it may have been the last C3 AFA Jakarta, but anime fans are nothing if not optimistic, and there’s always hope that the event returns to Indonesia’s shores very soon. If not, well, there’s still time to save up for a quick jaunt to Singapore for the flagship event C3 AFA Singapore 2018 (and 2019?). So it’s not good-bye, it’s soo you again soon!