Japanese animation studio “Gaina” — formerly known as “Gainax”, has announced three new projects on their slate: “Aoki Uru”, “Top wo Nerae 3” (“Aim for the Top 3”), “Akubi wo suru ni wa Wake ga Aru” (“There is a Reason to Yawn”), and “Sukyu Academia”.


Fukushima Gainax Co., Ltd. — established by Gainax Co., Ltd. in November 2014, changed its company name to Gaina Co., Ltd. as of August 2018, as a result of the transfer of shares to the Kinoshita Group. The head office has also relocated from Fukushima to Tokyo’s Koganei City.

“Aoki Uru” is a feature-length animated film that the former studio Gainax started planning over 20 years ago. Under director Hiroyuki Yamaga and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Gaina took over the film’s production, with the foal of a worldwide release in 2022. Details on this and other shows will be released soon by Gaina.