The hunt for the Ainu gold continues, as the wilderness survival anime, Golden Kamuy begins its second season. But before we get more Asirpa faces, the anime’s staff have unveiled a brand new key visual featuring several of the anime’s characters. And yes, all of them are after that sweet sweet gold.

According to the previous announcement, Tokyo MX and Yomiuri TV, as well as Sapporo TV and BS11, will be airing the new season. The first episode itself will be premiering on 8 October 2018.

Set in the wilds of Hokkaido after the Russo-Japanese War, the anime follows hardened Japanese soldier, Sugimoto, as he hunts for an old Ainu gold. However, he can’t do this alone, as the young Ainu hunter, Asirpa, goes along to help. Throw in an infamous conman and a giant white wolf, and we’ve got ourselves a treasure hunt.

Golden Kamuy’s original manga has won several awards, including the prestigious Isamu Tezuka Cultural Award. Previously, it has also won the Manga Taisho Award earlier this year, as well as many others.