Looks like Gonzo is doing a few shake-ups on their corporate side. Former Representative Director and President Shinichirou Ishikawa is moving on a board member for the company, leaving his former spot open. Of course, Gonzo announced his replacement soon after, and it’s none other than former Vice President, Ryouichi Katsumura.

Katsumura previously worked as the head of advertising agency Asatsu-DK’s corporate headquarters in Tokyo, which means he has experience handling a company, Aside from the new president, the company also announced new board members in Kenji Ooshiba, Yoshitaka Ishiwata, and Hiroshi Sasaki.

Formed by former GAINAX members, Gonzo produced plenty of great anime through the years like Gate Keepers and Vandread. In 1999, they merged with Digimation to form Gonzo Digimation Holdings, one of Japan’s premier digital animation production companies.

Source: Animation Business Journal