Issue #41 of Weekly Young Magazine has some bad news for fans of the popular idol anime about sex-changed yakuza, Back Street Girls. According to the magazine’s announcement, Jasmine Gyuh’s hilarious comedy manga will be ending on the next chapter.

This final chapter will be coming with the magazine’s issue #42, which will be out on 15th September. In other words, the manga is ending this Friday. The manga itself has 11 tankoubon volumes already released, and has 450,000 copies in circulation.

The manga follows three yakuza men who their boss forced to get a sex change and cosmetic surgery in Thailand. They then became idols known as the Gokudolls, which rose through the ranks after some grueling and inhumane training. And they’re doing all of this just to hide the fact that they’re really guys, and big, scary yakuza to boot! The TV anime is currently airing and is one of the season’s most hilarious titles.

source: Weekly Young Magazine #41