Haro, that lovable round robot the original Gundam pilot, Amuro Ray, invented himself has served as the Gundam franchise’s official mascot for over 30 years now. But have you ever wondered how Haro works? Well, it seems that the original Gundam mecha designer himself, Kunio Okawara, has a few ideas. He has released the design of Haro’s inner workings, and a new GunPla model reflects just that:

The plastic model itself is part of Bandai Spirit’s Figure-rise Mechanics line, and measures around 80mm in height. It can be snap-built, and comes with two armor/outer-frame options. One is the classic Haro green, and the other is a more transparent one to show the robot’s inner-frame. And much like the real Haro, its arms and legs can pop out as well.

Bandai will begin pre-orders for this high-detail plastic model kit on 28th September before releasing it in December. Each Haro will cost 1,944 yen.

source: Gundam.info