In Japan, the New Year holidays are always important. Traditionally, they spend it visiting shrines and also feasting. As for what they eat, one of the most traditional means is Osechi, a New Year’s bento with deep meaning to the Japanese. And for One piece fans, why not get an osechi with that nice One Piece feel?

Ichifuji Catering, which has been making beautiful bento boxes for over 115 years, created this culinary masterpiece. And of course, these come in a special One Piece bento box. Each item inside has a meaning towards happiness, good luck and health, which is certainly welcome every New Year.

The 2019 set also comes with special bonus items, including chop sticks, a plate, and a square wooden cup called a matsu.

And of course, since this is a huge feast, it won’t come cheap as each set costs 15,120 yen. Those who will order these bento sets will get them delivered by New Year’s eve.

source: Anime! Anime!