Are you ready for a road trip? Four seiyuu are going in one as Hiro Shimono, Yuuki Kaji, KENN, and Yoshimasa Hosoya prepare to travel to the United States. Of course, they’re doing this for a new variety show, Bokura ga America o Tabishitara. The show’s title literally means “If We Travel to America”.

The new program will premiere in Japan via AXN starting January 2019. It will feature the four seiyuu as they travel to the different locales in the United States. From the show’s logo above, it looks like they’re hinting Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles/Hollywood.

However, the four seiyuu aren’t going together as one big group, but they’re splitting up in pairs. Hiro Shimono will be traveling with Yuuki Kaji as best friends, while Yoshimasa Hosoya and KENN pair up because they’re born the same year. Shimono says that the program will have them interact with locals, as well as travel to fun locations around the country. ‘MURICA!