Some sad news for all you J-rockers out there, as Maximum the Hormone announces that they’re postponing a few gigs. This is because band member Daisuke-han is getting some surgery done because of a hernia that the doctors discovered last August.

Daisuke-han himself explained that he really wanted to go on their summer tour but didn’t want people to be concerned. Thus he decided to get that surgery himself. Unfortunately, this will mean that the rest of the band aren’t going on tour either.

According to Maximum The Hormone’s Twitter account, they have already cancelled four tours between October and November. They also postponed a few other concerts and appearances in order for Daisuke-han to recover.

Whatever the case, the band apologised for the inconvenience. But then again, it would also be better for the fans in the long run to keep the band members healthy, right?

Maximum the Hormone is responsible for several anisongs. Fans might be familiar with some of their anime songs, which include ones for Death Note and Dragon Ball.