Like most schools everywhere, almost everyone in Japanese schools, from students to teachers, love making doodles on black boards. However, one teacher took doing art on black boards a bit further with his drawing of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. My Hero Academia’s heroic lead has risen through the ranks as one of the DECADE’s most popular anime characters, and the teacher, twitter user @SwEnve, certainly did him much justice with his artwork. Oh, and it has an special message to his students too!

In the message above, @SwEnve is telling the students good luck on Sports Day. The teacher also has some other great artworks for the students as well! And yes, these are cheering them on for Sports Day too. The artworks include Attack on Titan, Yowamushi Pedal, your name, and of course, the Anime of the Year-winning Frozen.

But if you think this teacher is using some fancy materials to create these artworks, well… it turns out that he’s only using ordinary colored chalk. Yeah, you can certainly find these over at your local school supply stores and stationery shops.

If only I was actually good at drawing… And yes, that’s true talent right there!