Unlike most militaries, the Japanese Self-Defence Forces (JSDF)’s sole purpose in the defense of Japan. However, even with mounting regional tensions with China and North Korea, things are still pretty peaceful. This means that many don’t have much to do aside from the usual training, recruiting, etc. So, what do they do in their spare time? Well, some make YouTube videos which are a form of public service. They even coin these videos as “Life Hacks”.

These videos show a few useful things one might be able to do in emergency situations. For example, the video above shows how to do the fireman’s carry, which is useful for lifting people who cannot move due to an accident, fainting or whatnot. Other videos are a “How To” on useful things civilians can learn These include how to put out a fire, how to make sandbags, and how to repair broken wires.

And as Japan has plenty of bodies of water around, they also put out a few useful videos regarding water safety. These include how to deal with getting weighed down by your clothes to even DEALING WITH SHARKS.

For one thing, they’re even tackling obesity…

Well, that’s the JSDF for you! Not only do they usually team up with anime for recruitment drives, but also teach civilians some useful things as well.

source: Sora News 24