Following up to our previous report about ol’school hit shoujo-manga-turned anime series rock band romance series by mangaka Mayu Shinjo getting a revival spin-off mobile game project nearly 20 years after its ending, the production has finally revealed its full project title, plot, characters and their corresponding voice actors at the 15 September 2018 production press conference event!

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Titled ” Kaikan Phrase Climax -Next Generation-“, the project takes the format of a mobile rhythm game for selected compatible iOs and Android devices. The main female character (i.e. the player) Miwa Koharu is a normal 3rd-year undergraduate whose dream is to be a teacher after her graduation and to live a normal life… until her unexpected clandestine encounter with members of some rock bands at a music audition.

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Let’s take a look at the rock band units and their members that are about to turn Miwa’s life around in the most unexpected ways!


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  • Vocalist/keyboardist – Shion Okochi (cv. Yuuma Uchida)
  • Guitarist – Takuya Kiryu (cv. Ryohei Kimura)
  • Bassist and band leader – Yukihiko Todo (cv. Jun Kasama)


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  • Vocalist – Reon Okochi (cv. Tatsuhisa Suzuki)
  • Guitarist – Sid Vicious (cv. Makoto Furukawa)
  • Bassist – Matthew Vincent (cv. Natsuki Hanae)


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  • Leader-and-Centre – Hikaru Fujiwara (cv. Ryo Kikuchi)
  • Centre – Hachiya Inuzuka (cv. Ryo Takizawa)
  • Member – Haru Shiratori (cv. Daiki Kobayashi)
  • Dancer – Kanae Kanzaki (cv. Arthur Lounsbery)
  • Rapper – Tsukasa Godo (cv. Kennosuke Iwanaga)
  • Dancer – Hokuto Hiiragi (cv. Takahide Ishii)

Λucifer (reads: “Lucifer”) – the internationally legendary rock band

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  • Vocalist/Producer – Sakuya Okochi (cv. Masaya Matsukaze). Sakuya is father to Shion and Reon
  • Guitarist – Atsuro Kiryu (cv. Kenichi Suzumura). Atsuro is father to Takuya
  • Guitarist – Yukifumi Todo (cv. Shinichiro Miki). Yukifumi is father to Yukihiko
  • Bassist – Kazuto Sakuma – A.K.A. “TOWA” (cv. Susumu Chiba)
  • Drummer – Yoshihiko Nagai – A.K.A. “Santa” (cv. Takahiro Sakurai)\

According to the Nijmen source of the game’s press-conference event report, the themesongs for the game project will be undertaken by the character voice actors of both the Okochi brothers Shion and Reon – i.e. Yuuma Uchida and Tatsuhisa Suzuki. The project is also holding open invitations of live audition sessions via karaoke DAM★tomo system for the character voice of Miwa Koharu – the game’s female lead from 1 October 2018 ~ 25 November 2018.

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Fans who are interested to find out more about the “Kaikan Phrase” revival game project “Kaikan Phrase Climax – Next Generation -” may visit its official website; and follow its official twitter for latest updates. A archival video of the live-streamed clip for the 15 September press-conference event has also been made available via its official YouTube Channel.

The game is scheduled for full distribution release in Spring 2019.